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Genus: Pogona

Common Name: Bearded Dragon 

Diet: Adults - mostly leafy greens, vegetables, and noncitrus fruits, supplemented regularly with insects. Juvenile - consist mainly of insects.

Interesting Fact: These are popular among childern because of their friendly calm nature, and the relative ease of care. 

Size: Captive Adults reach about 16-24 inches from head to tail. 

Life Span: With proper care will live about 8-12 years.


Genus: Iguana

Common Name: Green Iguana

Diet: Leafy greens such as kale and mustard greens

Interesting Fact: The green iguana can be treated as a food source in Central America

Size: From head to tail, the green iguana can grow to be about 5 feet long, and can weigh up to 20 pounds

Life Span: With proper care will live about 20 years.



Genus: Boa

Common Name: Red Tail Boa 

Diet: Rodents

Interesting Fact: Although they are known in the wild for their aggressive way of killing prey, their bite is pretty much harmless to humans 

Size: Female boas can grow to be 8-13 feet long, while males can grow to be 6-10 feet long.

Life Span: With proper care will live about 20-30 years.

Genus: Python

Common Name: Ball Python

Diet: Rodents

Interesting Fact: Most snake caretakers start out with this species because of how docile they are know to be

Size: Males are usually about 4 feet long, while females tend to be slightly bigger, about 5 feet

Life Span: With proper care will live about 40 years.

Genus: Pantherophis

Common Name: Corn Snake

Diet: Rodents

Interesting Fact: This snake is named for its presence near corn fields, hunting for small field mice that feed on the grain

Size: about 3-4 feet

Life Span: With proper care will live about 25 years.


Genus: Kinosternon

Common Name: Mississippi Mud Turtle

Diet: Mainly feeds on insects and small fish

Interesting Fact: The Mississippi Mud Turtle is also known as the Eastern Mud Turtle and can be found all over the country

Size: about 3-4 inches wide

   Life Span: With proper care will live about 10 years.


Genus: Chrysemys

Common Name: Western Painted Turtle 

Diet: Small fish, aquatic turtle pellets

Interesting Fact: These aquatic turtles love basking in the sun during the day, and get most of their warmth from this

Size: About 5-10 inches long; males tend to be a bit smaller than females

Life Span: With proper care will live about 10 years.


Genus: Bombina

Common Name: Fire Belly Toad

Diet: Crickets, blood worms, and moths

Interesting Fact: The bright orange/red color on the toads' belly gives a warning sign to predators about the fowl taste that they give

Size: typically no larger than 2 inches

Life Span: With proper care will live about 12 years.