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Common Name: Hedgehog

Diet:Adults -

Interesting Fact:


Life Span:

Genus: Sugar Glider (Petaurus breviceps)

Diet: Adults - mostly leafy greens, vegetables, and noncitrus fruits, supplemented regularly with insects. Juvenile - consist mainly of insects.

Interesting Fact: Sugar gliders received their name because they have a preference for sweet foods and the gliding membrane found similar to a flying squirrel. Sugar gliders can be found in the wild in the canopy of the Australian rain forest, Tasmania, Indonesia, and Papua-New Guinea. Once you take a sugar glider home they form a strong lifelong bond with their owners. 

Remember that Sugar Glider are marsupials, therefore females have a pouch on their belly to raise their babies for two and a half months after they are born. One good way to tell the males apart from females, the males good bald. Once they have reached maturity the males lose hair on their head to reveal a scent gland. The loud noise sugar gliders makes is how they stand up to intimidate potential predators, this is how they got the nickname sugar bears.

Size: Sugar gliders are a small Australian marsupial possum that resembles the size of the common hamster.

Life Span: Sugar glider life expectancy in a healthy environment is 10-15 years.

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