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Genus: Budgerigar

Common Name: Parakeet  

Diet: Birdseed, pellets, and a combination of dehydrated fruits and vegetables.

Interesting Fact: Many people aren't aware that 'Budgie Parakeets' can learn to speak up to 100 words. Their voices are tiny and squeaky but they can talk!

Size: Average Parakeet may grow to be about 7 inches (from head to tail)

Life Span:On average, between 5-15 years. (However the oldest parakeet to be reported was over 20 years old!)


Common Name:Green Iguana

Diet:They are classified omnivores, but tend to enjoy a very herbivorous diet. Ripened fruit being the most popular second to leafy greens.

Interesting Fact: Iguanas have great vision and can see shapes, shadows, colors, and movement at long distances.

Size:Captive Adults reach about 5 to 6 feet from head to tail.

Life Span: With proper care will live about 15-20 years.